To introduce the lost to Jesus Christ. To teach the saved how to live a life pleasing to God.


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Class begins at 10am and service at 11am. Mask are welcomed not mandated.

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Five in Ten

5 Headlines in about 10 Minutes

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Did You Know?

An elbow, ostrich or ball

Only one of these items is mentioned just once in the Bible. Find the answer on your own, or go to Isa 22:18

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Worship Place & Time


This historic church is at 1333 Rodney Road, Jordan, Arkansas. From Highway 177, turn north on Rodney Road (Baxter Co. 66) and drive 1.25 miles to the stone church on the right.


Praise & Singing 9:45 A.M.
Sunday School 10:00 A.M.
Worship Service 11:00 A.M.
Bible Study 6:30 P.M. (on hold)
POT LUCK SUPPER begins Nov 7
First Sunday of the month 12:00 P.M


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The lost tribes of Israel, refers to the 10 tribes that were dispersed by the Assryians in 722b.c.One tribe: Naphtali is recorded to have been taken to Media which is todays Uzbekistan, in the city of Bukhara. This was confirmed by a 12th century traveler in his journal, and again by a 19th century missionary. The book of Revelation reveals that in the last days, 144,000 from each tribe will appear, which would include the lost tribes.

If God can take the lost tribes of Israel and make them un-lost; then there is nothing in your life that He cannot make un-lost; such as loved ones. Don't ever give up on that person you care about. If God can make the lost tribes un-lost, then for all the causes and persons in your life, there remains the HOPE of becoming...... un-lost!!